How To Install Minecraft on PC

To install Minecraft first download the game installer. You can find it right at the end of this guide. Press the green Download button and you will be directed to our review of the game. Press the green Download button again there and you will reach the final download page. A third click will download the Minecraft.exe file to your computer.

Install Minecraft on your PC

Locate the file in your download folder and double click on it.

You will arrive at what is known as Minecraft Launcher, the access window to the game and all its options. The first thing you should do is log in using a Microsoft account or a Mojang account. If you don’t have either of the two things, you always have the option Create a new Microsoft account, which will open a webspace for you to create an account.

  • In this case, we log in with a Microsoft account, so after choosing that option we are asked to enter our account or email address.
  • In the next window you will have to enter your access password:
  • If everything has gone correctly, you will now have to choose a username. As usual, it must be a name that is not in use, the system itself will check the name and notify you when the one you have chosen is free.

Now you can return to the launcher, where you can see the access panel to the demo, the news and notifications or the different settings sections. With this, you will have finished installing the Minecraft demo. To play you just have to click on Play demo.

  • Select Play Demo World.

One last window remembering that you are playing the demo mode, the controls and the maximum time that the demo lasts, click on Continue Playing!

If at any time you decide to get the full version of the game, you just have to go to the Minecraft page to get the Java version (there is a shortcut available right in the previous window of the demo) or to the Microsoft Store to get the Windows 10 version. There you will find precise instructions on how to make the payment.

When you return to the Minecraft launcher and log in with the account with which you made the payment, you will have access to the full game. You can see how the green button to start the demo has been transformed into a Play button that will give you access to all the available game modes.