How to Find Grammarly Premium Coupons and Promo Codes?

In order to get your much wanted Grammarly student discount coupon, click on the button above. This is the highest Grammarly discount you can get because we are the official partners of Grammarly. In this article, get methods to use Grammarly, so you don’t pay the full amount to access Grammarly Promo Codes and vouchers; you don’t need to keep searching random sites.

Grammarly Coupon

Some websites do claim 70% Grammarly discount or talk about how to get Grammarly premium for free but please beware they are not legal and only want you to click on their commissioned links. Please know Grammarly lifetime deal also doesn’t exist.

How To Get Grammarly at a Discount?

Here, you will see how anyone can get a considerable discount, even if you are not a student on Grammarly Premium. You might find many misleading articles have headings like “Grammarly free for students” or “Grammarly premium free for students” but don’t fall for them. They are all the rip-offs.

This method can save a lot of money. This method is genuine, and it has helped me to get several discounts. You can easily get 40-50% off on the actual price.

Just follow the steps

  • Register and create a new Grammarly account. A free account would be more than enough for this trick.
  • Add the Grammarly browser plugin/extension to your browser. You can download the native app for your device and sign in with the same account created in step 1.
  • Now use Grammarly as much as possible. The free version will help you through common mistakes in spellings, etc.
  • Grammarly will start sending you weekly performance reports as the following image. Just go on checking that mail. For sure, you’ll receive an offer within some days. Or sometimes, Grammarly gives a separate personal email about any offers ongoing.
  • Now, in that email, just click on “Claim this Offer” or “Go Premium” to get the offer. You have to be quick with this as these offers are time-limited.

Grammarly Discounts for a Premium Offer

Grammarly Student Discount code

On today’s date, Grammarly premium subscription costs you $149 annually. I needed Grammarly premiums, and hence I looked for discount coupons on different websites, but most of them were scams and clickbait. Thankfully I had signed up for a free version where Grammarly had sent me an offer of 50%. I grabbed it at the right time and subscribed for one year Grammarly Premium.

To grab discounts, just sign up for Grammarly and use their free version. Keep on the eye to their promotional emails, where they will send you an offer of a 49% discount. If you missed it once, do not worry. They will keep sending you on time to time.