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A study by the University of Western Australia and the Telethon Kids Institute, after analyzing more than 1,600 homes, ensures that dogs help the socio-emotional development of children. The study reflected the effect that the relationship with animals has on boys and girls up to five years old.

Social and Emotional Skills

Man’s Best Friend? It seems that everything points to yes. Dogs have always been with us, from the earliest tribes, until now, and always with their unconditional support. As you well know, the relationship with your pet can be much stronger than with any human being, a mutual affection that can forge an inseparable friendship. And it is that, according to science, that unbreakable friendship. If we told you a few months ago how pets improve our health now, some researchers affirm that dogs help the social-emotional development of the little ones.

After the study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings magazine demonstrating the association between heart health and the company of dogs, the University of Western Australia and the Telethon Kids Institute have analyzed how dogs influenced the development of older children. of 1,646 households.

Prone to share and have friends

This research, published in the well-known journal Pediatric Research, reveals how boys and girls from two to five years old, among other characteristics such as sex, sleep habits and parents’ education levels, are 23% less likely to have difficulties basic with their emotions and social interactions than children without pets.

According to the study, young children are 30% less likely to have antisocial behaviours and 40% less to have problems interacting with other children. Also, they are more likely to share objects or food.

In addition, the study also looked at how children who played with their dog more than three times a week were 74% more likely to engage in considerate behaviours toward other people, such as sharing. However, they still have to analyze well what are the real causes and effects of the benefit that pets make in the smallest of the house. Since, although we know that dogs help the socio-emotional development of children, we still do not understand how or why it happens.

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