The entire town of Locke is a historical site. Special places to visit or see include:

  • Locke Boarding House Visitors’ Center

An exhibit and research facility open to the public free of charge.

  • Locke Chinese School

A language school for the children of Locke established in 1926.

  • Locke Memorial Park and Monument

Dedicated to the Chinese who built the railroad, levees, and agriculture of California and the town of Locke.

  • Al the Wop’s Saloon and Restaurant

Early operation included a brothel.

  • Star Theater

Past enterprises included Chinese opera, gambling den, and brothel.

  • Dai Loy Museum

An exhibit of Chinese gambling paraphernalia.

  • Lockeport Hotel

The first building in Locke.

  • Locke Garden Restaurant

Chinese restaurant that at one time housed Locke’s first saloon and gambling hall.

  • Connie’s Toilet Garden

A collection of planters made from discarded toilets of past Chinese residents.

  • Locke Community Garden

Established during World War II as a victory garden.